Local energy policy statement

This local energy policy statement containing set of key principles and associated outcomes represents the values we wish to see adopted.

Chapter 2: Places - The development of innovative local energy projects, designed to meet local needs, can improve the quality of life for those living there.


  • Local energy projects should reflect local characteristics. 
  • Focus on collaborative strategic approaches and partnership working. 

This chapter outlines how a co-ordinated and planned approach to meeting all energy needs within defined local areas could support people living and working there in the transition to net zero.

2.1 Recognising local difference

Recognising the individual characteristics of an area is key to planning the transition to a net zero future.  Each local area will have different physical characteristics, for example, geography, building stock, and existing energy infrastructure.  Equally each area will also have its own ambitions and priorities, such as, reducing fuel poverty, increasing life expectancy, improving employability, creating new employment opportunities, and/ or reducing declining populations.  


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