Local development planning - regulations and guidance consultation: part D - interim impact assessments

Part D of the local development planning - regulations and guidance consultation includes the following impact assessments: strategic environmental, business and regulatory, equalities, fairer Scotland duty, child rights and wellbeing and island communities.


1. The Local Development Planning Regulations and Guidance consultation seeks views on proposed secondary legislative requirements and draft guidance to stakeholders on implementing the future local development plan system. In preparing the consultation, consideration has been given to the impacts of the proposals. The Interim Impact Assessments below have been prepared. Due to the differing reporting requirements, we are presenting the assessments separately.

  • Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Equalities Impact Assessment, covering human rights
  • Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment
  • Island Communities Impact Assessment
  • Fairer Scotland Duty
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

2. Part A of the consultation, the 'Introduction', indicates that this, Part D, contains the outcome of the initial assessments and asks the following questions:

Question 2

i) Do you have any views on the content of the interim assessments?

Yes / No

Please explain your views

ii) Do you have or can you direct us to any information that would assist in finalising these assessments?

Yes / No

Please provide or direct us to the information

Question 3

i) Do you have any views on the Fairer Scotland Duty and Strategic Environmental Assessment screening documents?

Yes / No

Please explain your views

ii) If you consider that full assessments are required, please suggest any information sources that could help inform these assessments.


Email: LDPRegsandGuidance@gov.scot

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