Justice Analytical Services - safer communities and justice statistics monthly report: May 2022 edition

This report provides, in a single place, a concise but comprehensive overview of a number of important justice and safer communities statistics. It covers many different topics including crime, policing, community safety, courts and prisons.

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Further detail on fire statistics

There were 279 deliberate building fires in quarter 3 of 2021-22, up from 274 in the same quarter of 2020-21. Over the same period, the number of deliberate road vehicle fires fell from 221 to 176. There has been a long-term downward trend in deliberate building and deliberate road vehicle fires since this series began,

Four quarter average number of deliberate building fires and road vehicle fires for each quarter from quarter 4 of 2009-10 (January to March 2010) onwards. Last updated May 2022.

Unwanted fire alarm signals (UFAS) describe potentially avoidable false alarm signals from a workplace, either from an automatic fire alarm or from a person. There were 8,004 UFAS incidents in quarter 3 of 2021-22, which made up 34% of all incidents attended in that quarter. This was up from 31% of all incidents attended in the equivalent quarter of 2020-21. The Covid-19 pandemic could have influenced the previous year’s figures as most offices were closed and homeworking was encouraged. This meant that less people were in workplace buildings and so there was less opportunity for an unwanted signal to be triggered.


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