Joint Programme Monitoring Committee minutes: May 2018

Agenda and associated papers from the May 2018 meeting of the Joint Programme Monitoring Committee (JPMC).

Items and actions


  1. Introduction and Apologies
  2. Minute of previous meeting and action log JPMC 11-02

For discussion:

  1. ESIF programmes performance against the partnership agreement JPMC 11-03
  2. Update on programmes, reports from: a. YEITC JPMC 11-04a
    b. RDOC, including risk register JPMC 11-04b
    c. HITC JPMC 11-04c

    1. ESF and ERDF Risk register and issues log JPMC 11-05
    2. Update on ESF and ERDF Technical Assistance Verbal update

For decision:

  1. Annual Implementation Reports:
    a. ESF JPMC 11-07a
    b. ERDF JPMC 11-07b

  2. Communications Strategy Refresh and Update: a. EAFRD JPMC 11-08a
    b. ESF and ERDF JPMC 11-08b

  3. Review of Programme Governance Structure to follow
  4. Changes to ESF and ERDF Operational Programmes JPMC 11-10

For information:

  1. EMFF operational update JPMC 11-11
  2. SME Holding Fund Performance Report 2017 JPMC 11-12
  3. AOCB
  4. Date of next meeting: 14 November 2018, St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh

Agenda and minutes

JPMC 11-00 - Agenda - 30 May 2018.pdf
JPMC 11-02 - Minute of previous meeting and action log.pdf


JPMC 11-04a - Report from YEITC.pdf
JPMC 11-04b - Report from RDOC - SRN Work Programme.pdf
JPMC 11-04c - HITC Update.pdf
JPMC 11-07b - ERDF Implementation Report.pdf
JPMC 11-08b - ESF and ERDF Communication Strategy 2018.pdf
JPMC 11-11 - EMFF Operational Update.pdf
JPMC 11-12 - SME Holding Fund Performance Report.pdf
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