Publication - Minutes

Joint Programme Monitoring Committee minutes: May 2018

Published: 25 Jul 2018
Date of meeting: 30 May 2018
Date of next meeting: 14 Nov 2018
Location: St Andrew's House, Edinburgh

Agenda and associated papers from the May 2018 meeting of the Joint Programme Monitoring Committee (JPMC).

25 Jul 2018
Joint Programme Monitoring Committee minutes: May 2018

Items and actions


  1. Introduction and Apologies
  2. Minute of previous meeting and action log JPMC 11-02

For discussion:

  1. ESIF programmes performance against the partnership agreement JPMC 11-03
  2. Update on programmes, reports from: a. YEITC JPMC 11-04a
    b. RDOC, including risk register JPMC 11-04b
    c. HITC JPMC 11-04c

    1. ESF and ERDF Risk register and issues log JPMC 11-05
    2. Update on ESF and ERDF Technical Assistance Verbal update

For decision:

  1. Annual Implementation Reports:
    a. ESF JPMC 11-07a
    b. ERDF JPMC 11-07b

  2. Communications Strategy Refresh and Update: a. EAFRD JPMC 11-08a
    b. ESF and ERDF JPMC 11-08b

  3. Review of Programme Governance Structure to follow
  4. Changes to ESF and ERDF Operational Programmes JPMC 11-10

For information:

  1. EMFF operational update JPMC 11-11
  2. SME Holding Fund Performance Report 2017 JPMC 11-12
  3. AOCB
  4. Date of next meeting: 14 November 2018, St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh

Agenda and minutes


JPMC 11-04c - HITC Update.pdf

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