Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

Plan identifying priority actions agreed upon by housing sector representatives to ensure we are able to deliver the objectives set out in our housing strategies.

Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland and the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group

Throughout the co-production process for the Joint Plan there has been broad agreement that the actions and solutions proposed should be resourced and led by different parts of the housing system, in partnership with the Scottish Government and other public/private providers.

HPAG has been reconfigured as the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group ( JHPDG or the Joint Group) - with a proactive long term role in monitoring, reviewing and delivering the Plan. Membership is drawn from the same broad spectrum of external housing interests and has been strengthened by the inclusion of additional stakeholders identified as important contributors. Appendix 2 provides a list of organisations represented.

The Joint Group is chaired jointly by the SG Director of Housing Regeneration and Welfare, and by an external stakeholder representative [1] elected by stakeholders every two years. The Joint Group will produce an annual review of progress on delivery of the Joint Plan for Ministers and for elected members of CoSLA, together with recommendations to Ministers on policy and other changes to better deliver the priority actions.

The Minister for Housing and Welfare and the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights will attend meetings regularly to take part in the discussions and debate of the Joint Group.

Those organisations identified as having the lead role for delivery of an action within the Joint Plan will have a specialism, interest or expertise, as well as having contributed to identifying the action, and most of them will be members of the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group. In some cases it is appropriate that the lead organisation is the Scottish Government itself. The Joint Plan also identifies the role that other stakeholders may have in delivery, and it may be appropriate to identify further partners as work is progressed.

Lead organisations have been consulted as part of the process of developing the Joint Plan to confirm acceptance of their leadership role for a specific action, subject to the understanding that emphasis or outcomes may change through circumstances over time. The lead organisation will take responsibility to deliver the action and outcomes identified, but it is recognised that the process must be flexible.

Lead organisations will report to the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group on progress of delivery of the actions. They may need to contribute to joint fora and working groups which are already progressing the subject of an action or organise specific project delivery groups to contribute to outcomes. The leadership role will require, as a minimum, time and staff resources.


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