Job Grant: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis of responses to our consultation on Job Grant, a new benefit to support young people moving back into employment.

Appendix 1: Consultation questions

This appendix includes a full list of the consultation questions.

1. Are the eligibility criteria for the Job Grant clear?

2. We have proposed applications for Job Grant can be made 14 days in advance of the employment start date and up to 14 days after employment has commenced. Do you think that the proposed application period for Job Grant is suitable?

3. If no to question 2, please provide comments.

4. We have proposed that Job Grant consists of one payment of £250, or £400 for young people with children. Do you agree with the proposed format of the payment?

5. If no to question 4, please provide comments.

6. Do you agree that the proposals for Job Grant set out in this consultation paper meet the policy intent to support a smooth transition into employment for young people on low incomes by helping to meet the initial costs of starting work?

7. If no to question 6, please provide details.

8. Can you identify any potential unintended consequences which we have not considered in these proposals?

9. If yes to question 8, please provide details.

10. Are you aware of any impacts on groups who share protected characteristics we have not identified here?

11. If yes to question 10, please provide details.

12. Are you aware of any impacts on children's rights and wellbeing which are not identified here?

13. If yes to question 12, please provide details.

14. Are you aware of any impacts on businesses which are not identified here?

15. If yes to question 15, please provide details.

16. Are you aware of any impacts on island communities which are not identified here?

17. If yes to question 16, please provide details.



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