Islands communities screening assessment: regulations making provision in relation to social security appeals

Islands Communities Screening Assessment of the consultation on Regulations making provision in relation to Social Security Appeals.


20. The 2018 Act confers a duty on the Scottish Ministers to publish an annual report on the performance of the Scottish social security system, which will include information on the impact of island-proofing. The report will also include information on the appeals process. It is therefore expected that in working with SCTS, the Scottish Government will be able to identify and highlight any areas where the regulations have not performed as intended once the tribunal gains further experience in running the new system. Appropriate remedial action will then be taken forward.

21. Scottish Ministers will continue to work with SCTS to set up the new chamber and this will continue as the benefits are rolled out, allowing SCTS to report back any procedural difficulties and allowing remedial action to be taken.


Naeem Bhatti

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