First-Tier Tribunal For Scotland Social Security Chamber And Upper Tribunal For Scotland (Rules Of Procedure) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2022: island communities impact assessment

An island communities impact assessment (ICIA) to consider the impacts of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Social Security Chamber and Upper Tribunal for Scotland (Rules of Procedure) (Miscellaneous Amendment) Regulations 2022.

Step four – Assessment

We do not consider that there will be any new unique impacts on remote and islands communities as a result of the provisions in these Amendment Regulations, nor will there be a specific financial impact for island communities in isolation resulting from the provisions. Positive impacts on people in receipt of receiving devolved benefits under Agency Agreements are expected to have a similar impact on remote and island communities as the rest of Scotland.

Is a full Islands Communities Impact assessment Required?

This policy could affect people living in Scotland who are in receipt of any devolved benefits that carry a right of appeal to the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal. However, in practice, adults and young people aged 16 and 17 in receipt of disability benefits will be the most likely to be affected. It is possible that some clients who apply for disability assistance under Special Rules for Terminal Illness will be impacted by this policy.

Therefore, this policy is more likely to impact on people living with a disability and they are potentially proportionately more affected by the proposal than people in receipt of other devolved benefits.

We consider that this policy will have a similarly positive effect on people living in island or mainland-rural communities, compared to their effect on other communities in Scotland.

A Full Islands Community Impact Assessment is not required

In preparing the ICIA, I have formed an opinion that our policy, strategy or service is not likely to have an effect on an island community which is not significantly different from its effect on other communities (including other island communities). The reason for this is detailed below.

Reason for not completing a full Islands Communities Impact Assessment

Scottish Ministers are aware of the duty to consult island communities before making a material change to any policy, strategy or service which, in the Scottish Ministers' opinion, is likely to have an effect on an island community which is significantly different from its effect on other communities.

We have not identified any evidence that these Amendment Regulations will directly or indirectly discriminate against remote and island communities. This is an extension of existing policy and will mitigate the risk of people being exposed to harmful information during a social security appeal. This safeguarding policy is expected to have a positive impact on disabled people across Scotland, regardless of location or the community they live in.

Screening ICIA Completed by: Nathalie Leger

Position: Policy Manager, Social Security Policy Division

Signature and Date: Nathalie Leger 12 April 2022

ICIA Authorised by: Lynn Forsyth

Position: Head of Unit, Five Family Payments, Funeral Support and Challenge Rights Unit

Signature and Date: Lynn Forsyth 12 April 2022



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