Social care - Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation: recommendation report - executive summary

Executive summary of the Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation (IRISR) of social care support in Scotland's recommendation report by Dame Sue Bruce. IRISR explored how social care support and linked services are inspected, scrutinised and regulated in Scotland.

Executive Summary

In September 2022, the Scottish Government announced an Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny, and Regulation of Social Care in Scotland (IRISR). Dame Sue Bruce was appointed as the Chair of the IRISR with Mr Stuart Currie as the Vice Chair.

No assumptions were made about what the Review would find or would recommend, but it was recognised that the present system of inspection, scrutiny, and regulation has been in place for two decades. In that time there has been a great deal of incremental change in the social care landscape, in partnership working, in pressures in the system and of overarching importance, in recognising the importance of the views and expectations of those receiving social care support services.

In recent years, a number of reviews have identified the need for change across the social care and wider support landscape. This Review has drawn upon and builds on this earlier work and their findings. All those involved in this Review have been clear that now is the time for action, with this and the many prior reviews providing both evidence and recommendations to support action.

Hearing the views and experiences of all individuals, including seldom heard voices, was paramount in this Review. It was important that the Review’s recommendations were informed by listening to and learning from people, particularly those who work in and use social care support services as well as other linked services such as housing support, addiction services and community health.

The work of the Review was supported by two advisory panels, the Independent Review Panel and the Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel. Both panels included people with lived and living experience and provided expert knowledge, guidance and support in the making of the Review recommendations.

In addition to the Panel meetings, the Chair and the Vice Chair hosted in excess of 30 meetings with professional subject matter experts across the sector, to inform the Review.



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