Investing in Scotland's Future: Resource Spending Review

The Resource Spending Review is a public finance document. It sets out the high-level parameters for resource spending to 2026-27 and outlines our high-level spending plans to deliver our Programme for Government and Bute House commitments.

Annex D: List of Acronyms

BGA Block Grant Adjustment

COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease 2019

GDP Gross Domestic Product

MAT Medication Assisted Treatment

MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament

MTFS Medium-Term Financial Strategy

NDR Non-Domestic Rates

NPD Non-Profit Distributing

NHS National Health Service

NPF National Performance Framework

NSET [10-Year] National Strategy for Economic Transformation

OBR Office for Budget Responsibility

ONS Office for National Statistics

PfG Programme for Government

PFI Private Finance Initiative

RSR Resource Spending Review

SFC Scottish Fiscal Commission

UK United Kingdom



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