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Adult protection significant case reviews: interim framework

Published: 5 Nov 2019
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Health and social care

Framework to support a consistent approach to conducting adult protection significant case reviews and improve the dissemination and application of learning both locally and nationally. This framework is for all partners.

Adult protection significant case reviews: interim framework
Annex 4: Person Specification for Lead Reviewer/s

Annex 4: Person Specification for Lead Reviewer/s

The skills and qualities required for the lead reviewer, both internal and external, include:


  • Consider practice experience required for person chairing review - this may differ depending on the particular circumstances of the case
  • Responsible for ensuring the required skills and experiences of the review team are made available
  • Role of body/person setting terms of reference and providing progress reports
  • No preconceived views of the case/outcome
  • Quality - ability to set out ground rules

Knowledge base

  • Should have an in-depth knowledge of protecting adults

Analytical skills

  • Those chairing/leading reviews must have the ability to interpret and analyse complex multi-agency processes and information.
  • Identify what sounding boards the group may have
  • Identify where to seek knowledge specific area/profession
  • Logical thinking ability to map out review process
  • Need to understand the context in which services are delivered.

Person qualities

  • Those conducting reviews require to be open minded, fair, a good listener and a logical thinker.
  • Experience of practice at various levels across an organization
  • A blend of confidence and humility (to be prepared to learn)
  • Need to understand professional backgrounds of those involved and be a multi-agency team player

Skills for undertaking the review

  • Approachable
  • Need to have awareness of adult support and protection
  • Risk Assessment/Management
  • Ability to challenge constructively
  • Open mindedness/fairness
  • Good listener
  • Fair person
  • Logical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The interviewing of significant witnesses takes time and must be undertaken with perseverance and with sensitivity
  • Consider practice experience for those undertaking review - this may differ depending on circumstances of the case being reviewed