Inspector of Funeral Directors: annual report 2017-2018

First annual report from the Inspector of Funeral Directors.

5. National Committee on Infant Cremation, Infant Cremation Code of Practice – Voluntary Survey of Funeral Directors

In the first engagement of its kind, the Scottish Government Burial and Cremation Team and I have written to all known funeral directors in Scotland to establish information about the composition of their business, and to understand what work has been undertaken to adopt the Infant Cremation Code of Practice.

This voluntary survey aims to support an understanding of the level of knowledge and application of the Code, and to consider supportive ways to work with funeral director colleagues to ensure on-going and sustained improvements in this area of work. A number of responses have been received and an overview of the survey results is included in Appendix 2 of this report. It is intended that these findings will form the basis of a concerted engagement strategy, and it is hoped that colleagues in the trade organisations and through wider stakeholder networks will support these on-going efforts to continue to improve industry practice across Scotland.


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