Sectoral marine plan - offshore wind for innovation and targeted oil and gas decarbonisation: initial plan framework

The Initial Plan Framework (IPF) outlines the process for development of the Sectoral Marine Plan for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) Decarbonisation. The IPF also sets out the areas that will be used for future seabed leasing.

9 Further Engagement and Consultation

9.1 As described above, this Initial Plan Framework marks a significant step in the development of a Sectoral Marine Plan for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas Decarbonisation. However, this early stage only sets the Initial Plan Framework and will now be followed by further engagement and statutory consultation.

9.2 The key intended stages are outlined below with indicative dates:

  • Establish cross-sectoral steering groups to provide expert views on the assessment methodology, Sustainability Appraisal and the Draft Plan
    • Early 2022 with regular meetings to follow in anticipation of exclusivity announcements in autumn 2022.
  • Consultation on Draft Plan and Sustainability Appraisal
    • Minimum of 12-week consultation from late 2022 into 2023.
    • This will include an online consultation and a number of regional in-person events, subject to COVID-19 restrictions and in line with Scottish Government guidance. Virtual events will also take place as necessary.
  • Adoption of a final plan is anticipated for autumn 2023 but is subject to requirements to re-assess or repeat consultations if significant changes are required.
  • Plan Review – a plan review process will be established and outlined in the adopted Plan. This governance mechanism will enable stakeholder engagement.

The Sectoral Marine Planning Team can be contacted by email at:



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