Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: major capital projects progress update - March 2022

This progress update relates to projects with a capital value of £5 million or more which are at the outline business case (or equivalent) approved stage or beyond and mainly comprises projects included at Annex D of our Infrastructure Investment Plan published in February 2021.

Sector: Rural and Environment

Project: RBGE - Edinburgh Biomes

Business case approved stages: Project will transform the current failing estate – home to Scotland’s national biodiversity research collections, to a create a world-class facility that will produce climate, economic, wellbeing and environmental benefits, as part of a green economic recovery for Scotland.

The FBC outlines that the total cost of the project will be £89.9 million and the full programme will be completed by October 2027 with the public entrance Glasshouse the final planned phase of work. The (Scottish Government funding amounts to £58 million 2021-2026 (Framework agreement is procurement route for project).

Progress at September 2021: Advance works commenced on site in September 2021 with the main works estimated to start January 2022.

Progress at March 2022: No change to full programme since the last report.

The receipt of tenders in January 2022 for the first phase of work highlighted cost variances to the original estimates due to COVID-19 pandemic market conditions and the impact on supply chain availability and construction material inflation. The review of costs received alongside overall programme phasing assessment is underway.

The revised start date for the key infrastructure works is now forecast for June 2022 which is later than previously reported due to assessment of tenders received. The FBC full programme operational date however remains the same.

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