Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services - Planning and Collaboration Short Life Working Group minutes: 10 May 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services -Planning and Collaboration Short Life Working Group, held on 10 May 2022.

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions and agreement of AOB

The Chair welcomed everyone and recorded apologies. He apologised for the lateness in issuing the papers for today’s meeting.

Agreement of minute from previous meeting and matters arising

Members were content with the minutes from 22 March and had no comments. These will be published on SG website.

Draft report of option appraisal workshop 12 April 2022

The SLWG discussed the 12 April workshop and raised the following points.

  • the process went well overall with some groups feeling that time was limited to discuss the different option proposals in detail before scoring. This will need to be taken into account for next workshop
  • option 1- status quo had to be much clearer on what it actually meant i.e. keep the current system and everything the same or keep everything the same and make some amendments. The language around this option needs to be more sensitive as many of the stakeholders are working in this way already. It should be emphasised that it is the governance and not the people who are working in the current system, that is not fit for purpose
  • it was highlighted by Gary Jenkins that Derek Barron had been in touch with him. Gary also noted that the Review (Barron) was quite against option 1
  • there was a need for more consistency in how each option is described
  • there was a question as to whether option 7 is a legally possible
  • the issue of the National Care Service (NCS) raised and due to varying levels of awareness on the NCS some felt that group members were too preoccupied by it and others were totally unaware. It was suggestions that each option descriptions lays out how it would or would not involve NCS

Action: SG team and SLWG to ensure all comments can be taken on board to inform next workshop and the final workshop report.

Involving the voice of lived experience

Diane Buchanan spoke to a paper which had been circulated in advance, advising that she had been in discussion with representatives from the Scottish Independent Alliance Agency Advocacy Group. Given the complexity of the option development process they had suggested producing more accessible options which they could then share with their networks to obtain feedback.

The SLWG were in agreement that there was a need for better proportionality of people with lived experiences in the scoring process and the way to achieve this would be to increase number of representatives in discussions and for feedback on options but not necessarily scoring options.

It was the intention to also visit clinics to speak to patients but clarity was needed on what questions would be useful. It is important to keep in mind that we are not redoing the work of Derek Barron but want to hear thoughts on each option and what is most important to those with lived/living experience and including the voice of lived experience in the options when it comes to final scoring.

The SLWG raised the issue that if we are to seriously consider option 6, which involves the criminal justice system, how do we included the voices of prison population?

The SLWG agreed with the SG Reform Team’s approach to further draw upon the expertise and advice from our Focus Group and those Advocacy Services representatives in reaching out to the community dynamic in this regard.

Action: SG Reform Team will write to Scottish Independent Alliance Agency Advocacy Group to seek increased attendance at the next workshop ensuring the voice of lived experience is adequately represented.

SG Reform Team will produce schedule of visits to physical units.

Feasibility criteria option appraisal stage 2 discussion paper SLWG May 2022

The SLWG shared views and suggestions around how to proceed through the next phase of the Options Appraisal Process examining the Short List.

Discussions touched on whether prisoner healthcare and the criminal justice system should be excluded from option 6. This is a decision for SLWG in their further work of options development.

Issues with the legal status of the current Forensic Network were raised, highlighting that there was not an existing network model that can do everything that Barron recommends.

The shortlisted options will need to be drilled down further to define exactly what each one would look like and there was agreement to setting up multi-disciplinary subgroup to develop the short listed options into more detailed descriptions.

To allow time for this further work and to ensure papers could be issued to stakeholders in plenty time before the workshop, it was agreed that the 26 May would be used instead for a SLWG “check in” meeting to discuss more detailed options. The workshop would be rescheduled for June.

Action: Diane Buchanan to contact SLWG to agree attendees and approach for multidisciplinary sub group. A template for each of the shortlisted options will also be circulated.

Action: Jasmine Wood to circulate new dates for June workshop. 

AOB and date of next meeting and workshop

The SG Project Team will issue a revised meeting request for 26 May and will tout for a new date for June workshop.

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