Independent child trafficking guardians: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the consultation on implementing Section 11 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015: the appointment and role of independent child trafficking guardians.

2. Consultation Summary

The Scottish Government ran a consultation to seek views on the appointment, role and functions of the ICTG and wider operational issues. It ran for 12 weeks from 26 August 2019 to 17 November 2019 and asked 12 questions. Forty responses were received from 19 organisations, 18 Individuals and 3 who wished to remain anonymous. The organisations include third sector organisations, local authorities, social work bodies and others. A list of participating organisations is included in Annex A.

The consultation was split into two main sections: Part One (Questions 1-7) covered the statutory provisions set out in the Act and will help to inform new regulations to support the role of the ICTG; and Part Two (Questions 8-12) covered broader issues that will help us to design the new service and inform guidance to support that service.

This report sets out the responses received to the consultation and provides an analysis of these. It is important to note that the responses to the consultation are not representative of the whole population, however they are indicative.

The findings presented summarise the views of those who participated in the consultation for each individual question. The report aims to provide a balanced account of the views submitted by respondents. The findings provide a relatively high-level summary of a range of more detailed responses.



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