Representation of women on private sector boards: research findings

Part of a broader programme of work being undertaken to improve gender equality and diversity.

Purpose, Aims and Scope of Research

4. The aims of the research are to:

  • Build on previous research to improve the evidence base on overcoming the barriers to diversity on corporate boards in Scotland.
  • Inform the Scottish Government's approach to improving diversity on boards, with a focus on informing the development of the Partnership for Change commitment.

5. Whilst the main focus of the research has been on women's representation on private sector boards, it has also examined the diversity of boards in terms of the other protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010 [1] .

6. This study is part of a broader programme of work being undertaken by Scottish Government to improve gender equality and diversity, including programmes to give individuals insights into how boards operate and what is involved in being a board member, mentoring and peer support programmes and the introduction of the Scottish Business Pledge [2] .


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