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Included, engaged and involved: part 1 - attendance in Scottish schools

Published: 12 Dec 2007
Learning Directorate
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Guidance on the management of attendance and absence in Scottish schools.

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53 page PDF

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Included, engaged and involved: part 1 - attendance in Scottish schools

53 page PDF

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Ministerial Foreword

1. Introduction

2. Managing attendance and absence
School policies and procedures
Wherever learning takes place
Providing for pupils during long-term illness
Education outwith school
High expectations
Registration and recording lateness
Immediate action when absence is noted
Children missing from education
Follow-up on absence
Attendance beyond school leaving age
Stages of support

3. Managing authorised absence
Authorised absence
Children with complex lives
Medical and dental appointments
Different lives, different needs
Diverse school communities
Family holidays
Exclusion from school

4. Managing unauthorised absence
Unauthorised absence
Parents' priorities
Casual truancy
Chronic truancy - unhappy at school?
Chronic truancy - unhappy for other reasons?
Caught up with other influences
Substance misuse
Long-term exceptional domestic circumstances

5. Promoting attendance - school, community and authority initiatives
Authority and school objectives
Raising the profile
Community partnership
Police partnership initiatives

6. Pastoral care

7. Additional support
Additional Support for Learning
Supporting the care and welfare of children and child protection

8. Multi-agency assessment/planning/review

9. Measures for compulsory compliance
Attendance orders
Parenting orders
Referral to children's hearings
Anti-social behaviour orders; Intensive Support and Monitoring Services

10. Attendance and absence data recording and management
Recording and coding
Using data effectively
Recording and coding information

11. Resources

Support for Learning Division
Schools Directorate
The Scottish Government
Area 3 A (N) Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ
The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2007