The impact of welfare reform tracking study: sweep four report

Study was to explore the impact of ongoing welfare changes on a range of working age households in Scotland.

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1. (Accessed 02 February 2016)

2. Following a Work Capability Assessment, ESA claimants are placed in one of two groups: those in the WRAG are required to attend interviews with a Jobcentre Plus advisor to discuss job seeking activities and may be required to participate in the Work Programme; while those whose disability severely limits what they can do are placed in the Support Group, and are not required to attend interviews.

3. (Accessed 29 January 2016)


5. Interview schedules for previous sweeps can be found in Lister et al. (2014), Graham et al. (2014) and Graham et al. (2015).

6. The rationale for using a qualitative longitudinal approach has been outlined in previous reports.

7. Sweep 1 took place September 2013 - February 2014; Sweep 2 took place April - June 2014; Sweep 3 took place November 2014 - Feb 2015.

8. 35 participants fall into one of these groups - the other two participants did not fall into any of these groups.


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