Human Rights Bill consultation: facilitator guide

We are gathering views to help inform how we will take forward the Human Rights Bill. This is a guide to help people hold their own group discussions about the Bill.

2. Planning Your Meeting

As facilitator, we encourage you to build your meeting around the topics most relevant to your audience. We would welcome responses to any, or all, of our consultation questions. It is fine if you only want to focus on the topics and questions most relevant to your group’s interests.

For example, if you are speaking to environmentalists, you may wish to focus on sections particularly relevant to recognising and including the right to a healthy environment.

Format of meeting

A discussion meeting can be held in person or online. Guidance is given for both types of session. You may wish to follow the guidance for the format that best suits your meeting.

Other helpful resources

This briefing pack could be used to create presentations or help to provide context for discussions. It could be used alongside other resources which facilitators may find helpful to reference.



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