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The Honey Bee Health Strategy

Published: 25 Jun 2010
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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Farming and rural

To achieve a sustainable and healthy population of honey bees for pollination and honey production in Scotland.

The Honey Bee Health Strategy


The Scottish Government acknowledge, with gratitude, that this Strategy was developed in co-operation with Strategy Group members which included the Scottish representative of the Bee Farmers' Association of the United Kingdom ( BFA), the Scottish Beekeepers' Association ( SBA), as well as the Scottish Agricultural College ( SAC).

Strategy Group members:
Dr Nick Ambrose, Scottish Government ( SG)
Duncan MacRae, SG
Steve Sunderland, SG
Alison Knox, SG
Jon Pickup, Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture ( SASA)
Fiona Highet, SASA
Graeme Sharpe, Scottish Agricultural College ( SAC)
John Mellis, Bee Farmers Association ( BFA)
Nigel Robertson, Bee Farmers Association ( BFA)
Alan Teale, Scottish Beekeeping Association ( SBA) - President
Ian Craig, SBA - Past President
Bron Wright, SBA - Secretary
Una Robertson, SBA - Past President and Library Convener
Dr Gavin Ramsay, SBA - Disease Convener