Homicide in Scotland, 2003 - Statistics Published

Summary statistics on homicides recorded in Scotland in 2003

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Our aim

The aim of the Statistical Service is to provide relevant and reliable statistical information, analysis and advice that meet the needs of government, business and the people of Scotland.

Our Objectives

1. To ensure that all statistics work is relevant to meeting user needs by

  • Improving the range of statistics and analysis we produce for users inside and outside of government (including for key cross cutting policy areas such as the economy, social justice, area regeneration, equality and rural issues)
  • Reviewing and where practicable improving timeliness.
  • Providing more statistics disaggregated by age, gender, ethnicity and other characteristics.
  • Developing more data for small areas through the Neighbourhood Statistics project
  • Maintaining comparability of statistics across the UK.

2. To make better use of our statistics by

  • Contributing more directly to policy processes inside and where possible outside government. These include community planning, performance information, measurement of government targets, better policy making and modernising government objectives.
  • Improving access to and presentation of data and analysis, through better use of the Web, improved publications and improved systems for holding and accessing background data.
  • Improving the advice provided on statistics to Ministers and senior management within the Executive.

3. To develop the reliability and integrity of official statistics by

  • Assuring and improving quality as an integral part of data collection and analysis and through regular reviews in line with National Statistics quality strategy.
  • Developing statistical methods, systems and classifications
  • Maintaining and promoting integrity through implementation of the National Statistics Code of Practice and related protocols.

4. To ensure the efficient and effective delivery of statistics products and services by

  • Making full use of all sources including administrative sources.
  • Minimising the burden on data providers through Survey Monitoring & Advice
  • Ensuring value for money.
  • Employing staff with the necessary skills and ensuring development of expertise amongst existing staff.
  • Ensuring effective use of Information and Communications Technology.
  • Managing, promoting and upholding the integrity of the statistics profession.

5. To plan effectively and work together by

  • Producing and implementing an annual Scottish Executive Statistics Plan.
  • Developing more co-ordinated working arrangements with other analytical services in and out of the Executive.
  • Working with the rest of the Government Statistical Service to develop joint approaches/solutions where appropriate.
  • Improving the involvement of users and providers, working on a partnership basis wherever possible.

This is a National Statistics publication

This Statistics Release has been produced to the standards set out in the National Statistics Code of Practice and Release Practice Protocol.


National Statistics are produced to high professional standards. They undergo regular quality assurance reviews to ensure that they meet customer needs. They are produced free from any political interference.

Details of pre-release access will be provided in the Scottish Executive Statistics Website under 'Forthcoming Releases'

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