Homelessness in Scotland: Equalities Breakdown 2019 to 2020

This bulletin provides information about homelessness in Scotland, with a focus on the equalities characteristics of homeless applicants.

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This statistics release extends the analysis previously published in the Homelessness in Scotland: 2019-20 publication, specifically to provide further breakdowns of data surrounding homelessness applications, use of temporary accommodation and outcomes by age, gender and ethnicity.

A review of the current homelessness collections is being undertaken, and as part of this, consideration will be given to the feasibility of collecting more equalities characteristics information in future.

This publication highlights key findings. A complete set of data with breakdowns are available as Excel workbooks containing the tables and can be downloaded at: https://www.gov.scot/collections/homelessness-statistics/


Email: homelessness_statistics_inbox@gov.scot

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