Homelessness Prevention and Strategy Group minutes: September 2019

Minute of meeting of the Homelessness Prevention and Strategy Group, held in September 2019.

Attendees and apologies

Kevin Stewart MSP (Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning; Co-Chair)
Cllr Whitham, COSLA (Community Wellbeing Spokesperson; Co-Chair)
Jon Sparkes, Crisis
Gavin Yates, Homeless Action Scotland
David Duke, Street Soccer Scotland
Gordon MacRae, Shelter Scotland
Polly Jones, SFHA
Lorraine McGrath, Streetwork/Simon Community
Neil Hamlet, NHS Fife
Sabrina Galella, A Way Home Scotland/Rock Trust Coalition
Shea Moran, Aff the Streets
John Kerr, ALACHO
Kathy Cameron, COSLA
Margaret-Ann Brunjes, Glasgow Homelessness Network (Participation Programme discussion only)
Catriona MacKean, Scottish Government
Marion Gibbs, Scottish Government
Hazel Bartels, Scottish Government
Graham Thomson, Scottish Government
Melanie Goodfellow, Scottish Government
Megan Sutherland, Scottish Government and Who Cares Scotland


Sally Thomas, SFHA (Polly Jones deputising)
John Mills, ALACHO (John Kerr deputising)
Peter Barry, SOLACE
Janice Stevenson, LGBT Youth Scotland

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