Home Energy Efficiency Programmes Scotland: annual review 2016-2017

A review of how the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme has performed and made progress towards meeting the scheme's stated objectives.


1. http://www.gov.scot/About/Performance/scotPerforms/objectives

2. The Scottish Government consulted on a new fuel poverty strategy, which includes a new definition of fuel poverty, during the period November 2016 to the end of January 2018. Responses to the consultation have been analysed and will inform policy development moving forward, and the associated Warm Homes Bill, to be introduced to Parliament in 2018. Under the new proposed definition of fuel poverty the rate of fuel poverty is expected to be 20% in rural areas, and 25% for remote rural areas. These lower rates in rural and remote rural areas mostly reflect higher incomes and lower housing costs, which result in residual incomes above 90% of the UK Minimum Income Standard (after housing, fuel and childcare costs) as recommended by the Definition Review Panel, even if these households continue to have high fuel costs. This change to the fuel poverty definition ensures those households who are most in need are considered fuel poor wherever they live in Scotland.

3. http://www.gov.scot/publications/warmer-homes-scotland-first-annual-review/


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