Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland: summary delivery report 2015-2016

Summary of measures delivered and outcomes achieved from the 2015 to 2016 Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland.

Annex A: Information on 2015/16 HEEPS delivery

Headline data

Households in contact with HES Notes
Households contacting HES about HEEPS 43,148
Take up of offers of help
households 38,763
people in households 79, 711
Energy saving advice (households) 36, 832
Income maximisation referral (people) 10, 329
Energy cost reduction referral 11, 455
Referrals for energy efficiency measures
HEEPS: ABS referral (households) 7, 271
Warmer Homes Scotland referrals (households) 4, 027
Other obligated supplier scheme 1, 992
Energy Efficiency Installs
HEEPS: Warmer Homes Scotland 2, 887
HEEPS: Area Based Schemes 17, 457
HEEPS: Cashback 4, 080
HEEPS: RSL Cashback 1, 888
HEEPS Loans 430
Carbon savings (tonnes) All figures are provisional and based on modelled data using calculations carried out by the Energy Saving Trust for the Scottish Government. For Warmer Homes Scotland, total annual CO 2 and fuel cost savings are derived from EPC data reported to Energy Saving Trust by Warmworks. Total lifetime figures are estimated by Energy Saving Trust based on available data (Scotland-weighted savings from EST Knowledge Services\Data Verification Work\2017: 170111 Evaluation Savings Matrix 2017_adapted for Scottish programmes.xlsx; Measure lifetimes from Ofgem: energycompaniesobligation-measures-pdf).
Total annual CO2 saved 23, 107
Saving over lifetime of measure 617, 238
Gain in household income over lifetime of measures (£) Gain in household income refers to the net gain from energy efficiency installs only. It does not include any additional gain from other interventions carried out by EST such as tariff advice or benefits maximisation
Annual gain in household income 6,888,501
Lifetime gain in household income 121,770,916

Figure A1: Primary benefits of WHS customers

Figure A1: Primary benefits of WHS customers


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