Towards an Industry for Green Heat: heat in buildings supply chains delivery plan

Sets out how supply chains will need to grow and change to meet future demand driven by future regulations of heating and energy efficiency. In the plan we outline the actions we are taking to support growth across the green heat industry.

Summary and List of Actions


In this document we have set out a vision for a new, aspirational Green Heating sector, built on the strengths of our existing heating and building improvement supply chains, with a dedicated focus on delivering the ambitions set out in our Heat in Buildings Strategy.

Building a Green Heat Sector will be a national endeavour requiring the support of organisations across our public sector, as well as commitment from key anchor segments of the market alongside the drive and dedication of industry.

The Green Heat sector will provide good, fair jobs and economic opportunities across Scotland, and will share in an anticipated £33 billion of spending required to decarbonise Scotland’s buildings.

Summary of Actions

1. We will launch a new £17.6 million Green Innovation Support Programme

2. Through the Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge we will develop plans for a new Green Heat Manufacturing Hub in Scotland

3. We will undertaking a refresh of the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan, setting out our approach to planning for Green Heat Skills

4. We will launch a new mobile centre for heat pump training

5. We are delivering two local skills planning pathfinder projects for heat decarbonisation skills

6. We will continue to incorporate supply chain development in our approach to procurement

7. We will launch a new programme of engagement for heat and energy efficiency installers

8. We will explore the potential for a new supplier led subsidy scheme to be delivered in Scotland

The actions contained within this document will operate together as an ecosystem of support, creating the conditions for industry to develop and grow over time. Moving forward, we will continue to work closely with stakeholders as we deliver this plan and consult further on our regulatory approach.



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