Heat in Buildings strategy - domestic EPC reform consultation: analysis summary report

An analysis summary of our EPC reform consultation that ran from July to October 2021. Proposals included renaming the current metrics and adding a third metric, such that EPCs display separate ratings for energy efficiency, cost, and carbon emissions. This summary report outlines the key findings.


There was strong agreement for the addition of the proposed Energy Use Rating. However, based on the feedback received in this consultation, the Scottish Government has commissioned independent research to evaluate the benefits of adopting a metric based on energy demand or fabric energy efficiency. We will further consider the role of EPCs in supporting our proposed framework of Heat in Buildings regulations outlined in the Heat in Buildings Strategy.

There was also strong agreement with our proposals to rename the metrics currently on the EPC to make their meaning clearer to users.

While the majority agreed with our proposed EPC format, just over one third disagreed. We have noted concerns raised about the importance of ensuring the underlying methodology is fit for purpose and will work with the UK government on this issue.

There was support for the current graphical presentation on the EPC to be retained. Respondents emphasised that we need to ensure the presentation of information on EPCs is clear to users. We will take this into account as we develop proposals.

Consultation responses provided a range of suggestions to further improve the usefulness of EPCs. We will consider these as our EPC review work progresses.

In the consultation, we advised that there would be three stages of consultation on EPCs. Following a review of consultation responses, further research and wider consideration of heat in buildings policy, the structure of our planned consultation has been modified. Stages two and three of the EPC consultation, and our policy position, will be provided in our planned consultation on a proposed regulatory framework for heat and energy efficiency. This consultation is due to be published within the next year.


Email: EPCenquiries@gov.scot

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