Heat in buildings strategy: business and regulatory impact assessment

This business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) accompanies our Heat in Buildings Strategy.

11. Consumer assessment

Does the policy affect the quality, availability or price of any goods or services in a market?

Yes, the Heat in Buildings Strategy will effect a change in the way we heat our homes and businesses. Specific impacts on quality, availability and price are dependent on interacting factors, and will be assessed as more detailed policies are developed. The Heat in Buildings Strategy aims to provide certainty, signalling to the market the need to upscale to meet future demand. Measures are consulted on to ensure the quality of good and services is maintained alongside rising demand.

Does the policy affect the essential services market, such as energy or water?

Yes. The Strategy aims to ensure the costs of heating our homes and businesses is affordable and those occupying them have a high comfort level, as the systems supplying heat transition to zero emissions.

Does the policy involve storage or increased use of consumer data?

No impact on the storage or increased use of consumer data identified.

Does the policy increase opportunities for unscrupulous suppliers to target consumers?

Yes, a significantly increased installation rate for insulation, low or zero emissions technologies and heat networks increases the risk that customers will have poor experiences, either through poor installations or poor service, or will be victim to criminals who take advantage of the increased activity to commit fraud or other crimes. There is precedent in previous schemes where bad actors exploited customers, poor quality installs were not 'made right' and consumer confidence in energy efficiency programmes was significantly damaged.

Work will be undertaken to develop and encourage the adoption of standards that ensure good quality advice exists to help consumers make informed decisions, ensure that installers meet required standards and that there are adequate redress procedures within the limits of Scottish Government's devolved powers and assistance in place for when things go wrong.

Does the policy impact the information available to consumers on either goods or services, or their rights in relation to these?

No negative impact identified.

Does the policy affect routes for consumers to seek advice or raise complaints on consumer issues?

No negative impact identified.


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