Heat in Buildings strategy - quality assurance: policy statement

Quality assurance is critical to our heat decarbonisation aims. This policy statement focuses on the standards, skills and certifications required for installers on SG schemes, proposed ways to tackle scams and mis-selling and how to improve public engagement.

2. Summary of Key Actions

2.1 Quality assurance, approvals and consumer protection

  • We will work with TrustMark to develop a quality assurance scheme for Scotland which will enable domestic consumers, including private sector landlords, to access approved suppliers in accordance with the principles of the British Standards Institution (BSI) Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2035/30 standards.
  • For our forthcoming successor to the Home Energy Scotland loans and cashback scheme, we will introduce a new requirement that applicants must use approved suppliers through Scotland's TrustMark scheme for energy efficiency work. Microgeneration work will retain the current requirements for Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved suppliers. This requirement will also apply to future schemes and programmes where appropriate.
  • We will set up a Scottish Quality Assurance Consumer Oversight Group to oversee the implementation of the Scottish TrustMark energy efficiency approval scheme and oversee changes and improvements to the existing MCS scheme in support of our Heat in Buildings Strategy.
  • For non-domestic support schemes we will work with key stakeholders to look at quality issues experienced by businesses and to consider the role of BSI PAS 2038 retrofit standards in overcoming these and considering an appropriate approval mechanism for this.

2.2 Standards and skills

  • We will work with the BSI to establish an expert technical group to advise about retrofit standards in Scotland and develop best practice that reflects the nature of our housing stock, weather and other environmental factors.
  • We will integrate the Scottish installer skills matrix into both the BSI PAS 2030 installer standards and MCS installer standards in 2022.

2.3 Scams and mis-selling

  • We will work with stakeholders, including Trading Standards Scotland, to prevent scams and support improved enforcement action against rogue traders within Scotland.

2.4 Public engagement

  • As of Autumn 2022, we will work with the new virtual National Public Energy Agency – and future dedicated body – to ensure our messages, advice and support are provided to all consumer groups across Scotland and that consumers have a say in the development of associated policy and interventions.
  • We will investigate the development of an online portal powered by TrustMark and MCS to help consumers find approved suppliers in Scotland.
  • In introducing new primary legislation for energy efficiency and zero direct emissions heat, we will consider making it a requirement for any enforcement body to provide information on relevant approved suppliers who can help them meet the standard.



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