A Healthier Future: type 2 Diabetes prevention, early detection and intervention: framework

Framework detailing action for the prevention, early detection and early intervention of type 2 diabetes.

Who is this framework for?

This framework has been developed to provide guidance to delivery partners as to the implementation of a specific weight management pathway for those ‘at risk’ or those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This pathway will sit within integrated weight management services and will require multi-disciplinary and multi organisational teams to work together in partnership with the public to deliver a fully supported service. The framework will support our delivery partners in our shared aim of improved weight management services to support better outcomes for people across Scotland.

The guidance in this framework sets out how Integrated Joint Boards (IJBS), NHS Boards and Community Planning Partners and other delivery partners should consider the various elements of providing a comprehensive weight management service with regards to type 2 diabetes.

The actions here should be consider in conjunction with those set in the recently published ‘A Healthier Future – Scotland’s Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan’[1]


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