Health and Social Care: Winter in Scotland in 2014/15

This report provides an overview of Health and Social Care winter pressures and performance over the 2014/15 winter period.


Acute Hospital Activity and NHS Beds Information Quarter ending March 2015

Quarterly trends in available beds

Quarterly Inpatient, Day Case and Outpatient Activity

NHS Scotland Workforce Information - Quarterly update of Staff in Post, Vacancies and Turnover at 31 March 2015

Overall Trend

Consultant staff in post

Nursing and midwifery staff in post

Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Times

Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Times data (Excel file)

NHS Performs - Weekly Update of Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Times Statistics

2015-07-28 Weekly AE Statistics

NHS England, A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions 2015-16

Time Spent in NHS Wales Accident and Emergency Departments: Monthly Management Information

NHS Northern Ireland, Statistics on Emergency Care Waiting Times by Department & Month

Delayed Discharges in NHSScotland - Occupied Bed Days in May 2015 and census Figures for June 2015

Bed Days Occupied in May 2015

Mid-2014 Population Estimates Scotland

All Tables

Inpatient, Day case and Outpatient Stage of Treatment Waiting Times - Monthly and quarterly data to 31 March 2015

Inpatient and Day case admission: Waiting Times and Activity, NHS Scotland


HPS National Influenza Report - week ending 17 May 2015


Weekly Norovirus Report - 27 July 2015

UK Climate Summaries



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