Health and social care - integration authority guidance: consultation analysis

Consultation analysis report, following the consultation on health and social care integration authority planning and performance reporting statutory guidance.

5. Conclusion

The feedback has been used to further amend, revise and adapt the guidance prior to final publication. While the responses are generally supportive of the broad approach and structure taken in re-drafting the guidance, the detailed feedback through the open-ended questions highlighted possible areas for action and improvement.

Some aspects of the feedback have been easier to act upon than others. Some elements of feedback have not been immediately actioned, as they would require changes to the legislation or may constitute a failure to communicate statutory requirements through the guidance. For example, some responses expressed frustration with the current legislation, such as the role of the national health and wellbeing outcomes, reporting requirements, and the timescales in producing performance reports. As noted on the summary page of the consultation, changes to legislation are not within the scope of this project, but such views are beneficial in considering and progressing NCS development.

The NCS programme has developed alongside this project, and the direction of travel aligns with some of the consultation feedback centred on the need for greater structures and links between national oversight and local planning and performance monitoring.

The Scottish Government re-iterates its thanks to those who participated in the working group to re-draft the guidance and those who responded to the consultation.



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