Health and social care: data strategy - executive summary easy read

Easy read version of the data strategy for health and social care executive summary.

What we need to change

We have 8 main areas to work on.

Using data in an ethical way

We want to work in an open, honest and ethical way that protects human rights and make sure the public trust the way we keep data safe and secure.

Ethical standards are the rules about what is right and wrong.

Access to data

We want to make sure people can get the right data at the right time.

Having a talented workforce

We want to attract, develop, support, and keep a workforce who have skills in using data

Keeping information safe and secure

We will have better ways to check we are keeping data safe and secure.

We must tell the public more about how we do this so they trust our ways of working.


We will have the machines, equipment and information to support us to collect, store and use data in better ways.

Information standards and making sure systems can work together

Different data systems must have the same standards so they can share information.

Using data to understand information

Make sure all health and social care services use data in the same way to work together and make services better.

Supporting research and new ways of working

Make sure researchers have safe access to health and social care data to develop:

  • better ways of working
  • better treatments and support services
  • new medicines
  • better care services



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