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Health & Community Care: data linkage

Data Linkage projects related to health & community care within the Scottish Government.

Health & Community Care: data linkage
Health, social care and housing


In order to improve and plan future social care, housing support and health services, we need to use information about these services, including some information about the people who utilise them.

The joining up of certain information from these services will enable planners, to develop an improved understanding of the important interactions between social care, housing support and health services in people's care and support.

For example, it is important for us to understand for people who were admitted to hospital on several occasions in a short space of time, if they had any social care and/or housing support package in place. Furthermore, we need to understand if changes in support packages can prevent people being admitted to hospital.

This cross organisational project aims to provide this improved information, in the form of statistics, whilst maintaining people's confidentiality and privacy.

The following organisations are involved in the project:

  • Scottish Government
  • National Health Service Scotland - Health Boards and ISD Scotland
  • Scottish local authorities

Further information about the project are available using the links provided.

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Privacy Impact Assessment

Privacy Notice

Data Supplier Area

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HSC Analytical Network


If you have any enquiries relating to Health, Social care and Housing data linking project then please contact us at:

Scottish Government



0131 244 3777


0131 244 2371


The Scottish Government

Health Finance Directorate
Analytical Services
Basement Rear
St Andrews House
Regent Road

Information Services Division (ISD)

Contact details available from the Health & Social Community Care page on ISD's website. 

Electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS)

Contacts for eDRIS are also available on the ISD Scotland website.