Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group minutes : September2023

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 13th September 2023

Attendees and apologies

  • Siobhian Brown MSP – Minister for Victims and Community Safety (Chair)
  • Age Scotland
  • Equality Network
  • Interfaith Scotland
  • Police Scotland
  • Respectme
  • Education Scotland
  • Scottish Human Rights Commission

Scottish Government Officials

  • Hate Crime Team


  • Glasgow Disability Alliance
  • Youthlink Scotland


Items and actions

Welcome and June, July and August Minutes

The Minister welcomed partners to the meeting of the Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group, and thanked them for their continued efforts in helping to inform and develop the Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan.

Members confirmed they were content with the minutes from the 22 June meeting of the group, as well as from workshop sessions on 28 July and 15 August.

Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan

The Minister thanked members for their comments on the draft Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan and asked for any further feedback on the latest version.  

Action: Officials to update the Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan and share a final draft with the group.

Partners reflections included a need to:

  • strengthen the narrative around the promotion of strategic activity that encourages community cohesion
  • ensure the delivery plan is clear about links with other cross-government policy interventions
  • ensure that information provided within the delivery plan distinguishes between wider equalities training for Police Scotland and training to support implementation of the Hate Crime Act

Policing Together Strategy

Police Scotland provided a presentation on Policing Together, Police Scotland’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, recognising how this interacts with the activity work to be taken forward under the Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan.

Hate Crime and Tackling Prejudice Conference

Officials provided an update on plans for the Tackling Hate Crime and Building Cohesive Communities Conference, to be hosted by the Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group in November. The conference will explore how duty bearers and communities can collectively take forward the actions identified in the delivery plan. Members were content with the proposed activity, presented by the conference planning group.

Marketing activity

Officials from Safer Marketing presented final campaign creatives for the national hate crime marketing campaign with the group. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of hate crime, the impact it has on victims and how to report it. Members discussed options for incorporating the voices of those with lived experience of hate crime into the campaign.

Action: Officials to liaise with members on incorporating lived experience into the campaign.


No items raised under A.O.B.

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