Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group minutes : June2023

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 22nd June 2023

Attendees and apologies


  •  Siobhian Brown MSP – Minister for Victims and Community Safety (Chair)

  • Age Scotland

  • Glasgow Disability Alliance

  • Equality Network

  • Equality Network



  • Interfaith Scotland


  • Police Scotland

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission

  • Respectme

  • Youthlink Scotland

  • Education Scotland


Scottish Government Officials

  • Hate Crime Team


  • Scottish Human Rights Commission SHRC (Observer) 

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions

The Minister welcomed members to the meeting and thanked organisations for their contributions towards the development of the strategy, as well as their continued support in taking forward the delivery plan. She went on to note that hate crime now sits within the Justice portfolio, however close links with equalities will remain as we take forward this work.

The Minister explained that the delivery plan will set out proposed activity for the next two and a half years. It will outline actions to be taken forward during this time as well as how the Scottish Government and partners can prepare and support longer-term activity to progress over the strategy’s lifetime.

Revised Terms of Reference

  • Prior to the meeting a revised Terms of Reference (ToR) was shared with members. It has been updated to reflect the new role of the Strategic Partnership Group as we move into the delivery phase of the strategy. The group agreed the revised ToR.

Hate Crime Strategy Delivery Plan

  • The Chair asked the group to consider the proposed priorities for the delivery plan shared in advance of the meeting, explaining that these had been drafted following bi-lateral discussions with members. Members agreed that a further in-person discussion to refine the paper would be useful

  • Police Scotland provided a short update on the commitment to review third-party reporting (TPR). Police Scotland will convene a short-life working group (SLWG) to take this forward

  • Members discussed opportunities for engagement with communities, as well as elected members on the delivery plan. SG will explore opportunities for engagement with COSLA

Actions Log:

  •  SG to publish updated ToR on the SG website

  •  SG to take forward arrangements for an in person discussion on priorities

  •  SPG members to contact Police Scotland if interested in joining TPR review SLWG


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