Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group Minutes : January 2024

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 30 January 2024

Attendees and apologies

  • Siobhian Brown MSP – Minister for Victims and Community Safety (Chair)



  • Interfaith Scotland

  • Police Scotland

  • Youthlink Scotland

  • Glasgow Disability Alliance     

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission

  • Equality Network

  • SHRC

  • Respectme


Scottish Government Officials

  • Hate Crime Team



  • Education Scotland

  • Age Scotland

Items and actions


The Minister welcomed all attendees to the meeting of the Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group and thanked them for continued support. The Minister provided a short update on the national review of third-party reporting, as well as Scottish Government research into barriers to reporting.

Final reflections on the Tackling Hate Crime and Building Cohesive Communities Conference

The Minister thanked workshop leads for their facilitation of sessions throughout the day. Based on feedback forms received from attending delegates and meetings with workshop leads, the Minister offered some final reflections on the conference including around the venue and organisation of the event, as well as its hybrid offering, inclusivity and accessibility.

Updated Terms of Reference

The group’s Terms of Reference has been updated slightly to reflect that we are moving into delivery of the Hate Crime Strategy. The Minister confirmed there had only been minor amendments to the Terms of Reference since these were originally signed off in June 2023, highlighting changes to the frequency of meetings and role of the group.

All members agreed the revised Terms of Reference, which will be published on the SG website.

Next Steps – Hate Crime Strategy Delivery

A discussion paper, shared with members ahead of the meeting, outlined delivery activity for the next six months, including actions to:

  • commence the Hate Crime Act;
  • arrange a session with members around the Hate Crime Charter;
  • conduct further research into barriers to reporting and community cohesion;
  • commencement of engagement into third-party reporting and with local authorities on a toolkit to address hate crime and community cohesion;
  • and establishment of a short-life working group to focus on actions and activity to support communities that are empowered, inclusive and safe

Officials provided a short update on the implementation of the Hate Crime Act and its associated data provisions. Officials confirmed a commencement date of 1 April 2024, and Police Scotland informed members of plans for officer training.

Members were content to sign off the paper outlining delivery actions until June 2024, though highlighted the importance of continued engagement on activity, particularly in relation to strengthening community cohesion and activity to support it. Members considered the option of utilising the short-life working group as an advisory function to other delivery activity.

The group agreed to meet again in June 2024, to measure progress and agree new activity until December 2024.

Any other business

EHRC highlighted the recent publication of the ‘Equality and Human Rights Monitor 2023: Is Scotland Fairer?’, and asked officials to share a link to this with the rest of the group.

SHRC provided information on UK human rights examinations in 2024, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in March and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in August.


Officials to publish updated Terms of Reference on SG website.

Officials to arrange date for next meeting of the Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group.

Officials to distribute link to ‘Equality and Human Rights Monitor 2023: Is Scotland Fairer?’ once received from EHRC.


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