Farm Diversification and Planning Permission in Scotland: guidance

Guidance on farm diversification and planning permission.

A Guide to Farm Diversification and Planning Permission in Scotland



Steading conversion, West Lothian

Business centre, near Edinburgh



Bird watching, Islay

Farm visitor centre, Morayshire


Wind farm, Novar, Highland

Your planning authority will normally consult other organisations when considering the application. In some instances, they may advise you to consult one or more of these organisations before making an application. This can save time by resolving sensitive issues early on. This is particularly valuable when an application:

  • raises potential sewage, water or flooding issues;

  • affects a historic structure or its setting;

  • lies within an environmental designation; or

  • is likely to affect road safety.

You should concentrate on the positive aspects of your development that will favour permission being granted. For example:

  • careful siting in the landscape;

  • good architectural design and use of materials;

  • reference to vernacular and local character;

  • reuse of derelict buildings;

  • improved public access;

  • creating or enhancing natural habitats, perhaps by planting woodland or creating wetland;

  • providing new or alternative employment; and

  • community benefits.


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