Mainstreaming gender equality in Scottish Government funded international development projects and programmes: guidance note

A guidance note on mainstreaming gender equality for applications and bids for Scottish Government funded international development projects and/or programmes. The note outlines our minimum criteria for scoring, aligned with the OECD DAC Gender Equality Policy Marker.

Section 2: Aims

As part of the project or programme design, it is mandatory that at least one explicit gender equality objective, backed by at least one gender equality specific indicator, is developed.[24] This should be clearly outlined in the proposed logic model/logical framework.

The proposal must also demonstrate that this objective has been informed by the preliminary gender analysis.

What is a gender equality objective?

Measurable changes that explicitly aim to reduce gender inequality, improve equality between people of different genders and/or tackle discrimination and disadvantage that people face in relation to their gender.

In order for your project to be scored as principle (score 2) the top-level ambition of the project must be to advance gender equality and/or women’s empowerment. [25]

Where a project or programme proposal includes an inception/design phase, it is expected that the objectives will be finalised during this phase. Where possible, objectives should be co-developed with key stakeholders, including participants of the project or programme, and those with lived experience of the issues your intervention is trying to address. The proposed methodology for this should be detailed in your proposal, then agreed with the SG upon inception.



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