Licensing system for mobile home sites with permanent residents: guidance for local authorities

Guidance for local authority officers in Scotland who are involved with permanent mobile home site licensing.

Chapter 11 - Exemptions

11.1. In the 1960 Act there are some situations where a caravan site does not require a site licence. These are set out in the schedule 1 of the 1960 Act [70] , and include

  • use of the land as a caravan site if the use of a caravan is incidental to the enjoyment of a dwellinghouse within the curtilage of which the land is situated.
  • use as a caravan site of agricultural land for the accommodation during a particular season of a person or persons employed in farming operations on land in the same occupation.
  • use as a caravan site of land which forms part of, or adjoins, land on which building or engineering operations are being carried out if that use is for the accommodation of a person or persons employed in connection with the operation
  • if the occupier of the land is the local authority within whose area the site is located.

11.2. Local authorities will need to make their own assessment of whether a site is covered by an exemption, and may want to take their own legal advice. Even if an exemption applies, and therefore a site does not require a site licence, other legislation will still apply (for example legal requirements under health and safety legislation).


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