Funeral costs guidance: consultation response

Response to the consultation of Scottish Government guidance on funeral costs.

Use of Language and Terminology

16. The consultation set out the Scottish Government's intention to publish a glossary alongside the guidance to help clarify some of the terms often used when funeral arrangements are being made.

17. Respondents were largely supportive of this, with 35 (72%) agreeing that a glossary should be published. Only five indicated that they did not feel this was necessary. The remainder were either undecided or did not offer a response.

18. While a number of responses highlighted the potential benefits of a glossary and suggested terms to be included, some points were raised about its development, purpose and use. For example, some responses queried its intended target audience (industry or the public), while others argued that the glossary should focus on setting out details of terms that relate specifically to funeral costs and fees. Some responses also argued that the glossary should be developed in consultation with the funeral industry and other stakeholders. Several responses suggested that there should be 'Plain English' versions of all published documents.

19. Given the broad support for the production of a glossary, we have developed it, in consultation with a range of stakeholders, and published this alongside the guidance.

20. The glossary is not designed to be a fixed list of terms. Nor does it attempt to define standard descriptors of products and services for the industry to use. As prices of products change over time, we have not attempted to set out any information on current average costs in the glossary. We have, however, sought to explain what the main fees and charges associated with arranging a funeral are.



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