Compulsory purchase orders and acquiring authorities: guidance on how Scottish Ministers consider CPOs

CPOGNAA/004 Fourth in a series of guidance notes intended to provide information for acquiring authorities with no, or limited experience of, compulsory purchase orders (CPOs). This contains guidance on how Scottish ministers consider CPOs.

2. Serving statutory notices and advertising the CPO

2.1. As noted in guidance note CPOGNAA/003, when it is ready to submit the CPO to the Scottish Government the Acquiring Authority must serve notices on people with an interest in the land and advertise the CPO.

2.2. The wording of these notices and adverts is prescribed and can be found in the Compulsory Purchase of Land (Scotland) Regulations 2003 found here:

2.3. When serving a notice, the Acquiring Authority should include a covering letter that explains as clearly and plainly as possible why it has sent the notice, what the notice means, what the person should do next and where they can go to get help and advice. In the case of acquisition of rights short of ownership, the Acquiring Authority should also set out if these are temporary or permanent and what, if any, mitigation measures are proposed.

2.4. The notice should also provide contact details for an individual in the Acquiring Authority who can be contacted for further information and/or to clarify the implications of the proposal.



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