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Grangemouth Future Industry Board: workstreams

Published: 24 Feb 2021

Information about Grangemouth Future Industry Board's workstreams.

24 Feb 2021
Grangemouth Future Industry Board: workstreams

Grangemouth Future Industry Board will consider policy and coordinate public sector action in relation to the following principal workstreams, with the core ambition of a Net-Zero Grangemouth running throughout:

  • strategic investment
  • infrastructure
  • project development
  • Grangemouth Regulatory Hub and
  • resilience planning

Whilst GFIB will be looking at proactive considerations, it will be a ‘live’ forum and be reactive to changes in the outlook for Grangemouth cluster (both positive and negative). Each workstream has an assigned workstream lead whom will be accountable to the Board. The workstream leads are representatives from Scottish Government, Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Futures Trust, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Falkirk Council. The wider Board, in accordance with its Governance Structure, will report to Director General Economy and Scottish Ministers.