Directions from integration authorities to health boards and local authorities: guidance

Good practice guidance note. This has been superseded by the statutory guidance for directions from integration authorities to health boards and local authorities.

2 Form and content of directions

2.1 Directions must be in writing[3] and should set out a clear framework for operational delivery of the functions that have been delegated to the Integration Authority.

2.2 Directions must clearly identify which of the integrated health and social care functions[4] they relate to. The Integration Authority can direct the carrying out of those functions by requiring that a particular named service or services be provided. Where appropriate, the same document can be used to give directions to carry out multiple functions.

2.3 Directions must include detailed information on the financial resources that are available for carrying out the functions that are the subject of the directions, including the allocated budget and how that budget (whether this is payment, or an amount made available) is to be used[5].

2.4 The exercise of each function can be described in terms of delivery of services, achievement of outcomes, and/or by reference to the strategic commissioning plan.

2.5 Directions may stipulate which of the health board or local authority is to carry out a particular function, or may require a function to be carried out jointly. The direction may also specify what the health board and/or local authority is to do in relation to carrying out a particular function.

2.6 The financial resource allocated to each function in a direction is a matter for the Integration Authority to determine. The Act makes particular provision in relation to the allocation of budgets for the sum "set aside" in relation to large hospital functions[6], which gives flexibility for the Integration Authority to direct how much of the sum set aside is to be used for large hospital services and for the balance to be used for other purposes.



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