Global Scotland: trade and investment strategy 2016-2021

Our eight-point action plan to increase trade and investment in Scotland.


  • The introduction to the Strategy, Chapter 1, highlights the connection between trade, investment and internationalisation; defines our ambition and the importance of the One Scotland approach, which our Innovation and Investment Hubs are a key part of, to delivering it and provides our Eight Point Action Plan for Trade and Investment. It also summarises the evidence and engagement activities which have informed the Strategy.
  • Chapter 2 explains the critical role of trade and investment in delivering Scotland’s Economic Strategy and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Chapter 3 highlights key Global Opportunities and Challenges and the Strategic Sectoral and Market Response which provides the focus for action by the Scottish Government and its agencies to achieve our ambition.
  • Chapter 4 outlines our broad approach to Supporting Global Scotland through enhancing Scotland’s profile and reputation; effective use of engagement and influence; maximising the impact of networks and relationships; making the most of our collective global footprint; and ensuring that policies and activities across Government support our ambition.
  • Chapter 5 sets out our approach to Boosting Scotland’s Export Performance by inspiring, enabling and supporting more businesses to sell more goods and services to a wider range of international markets. Through a Digital First approach, we can help more businesses access the information, advice and support they need to help them export and ensure that access to this is simple and straightforward.
  • Chapter 6 outlines action around Trade, Sustainable Development and Responsible Business focused on helping business play its part in promoting and respecting human rights; on working with priority countries to support development through trade; and on internationalising Scotland’s world leading approach to social enterprise.
  • Chapter 7 outlines our approach to Attracting Foreign Direct Investment and Capital and Risk Investment to Scotland including action to attract new investors; to build Scotland as a global innovation and investment hub; and to support existing investors to develop, grow and expand. It also outlines plans to bring forward strong, investment ready capital propositions which meet investor expectations and to engage more effectively to attract investment; and to enable businesses with high growth potential to access a wider range of risk capital investment.
  • Annex A provides a Delivery Plan of specific actions to be taken forward through a One Scotland approach over the next 12-24 months to directly inspire, enable and support Scotland’s businesses to trade internationally and individuals, businesses and institutions to invest in Scotland.
  • Following feedback from stakeholders, Annex B sets out action to Improve Data on Scotland’s trade performance.


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