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GIRFEC Legal Focus Group

Published: 6 Jul 2018

A sub-group to provide legal insight for the GIRFEC Practice Development Panel.

6 Jul 2018
GIRFEC Legal Focus Group

Before November 2018 the name of this sub-group was 'GIRFEC Legal Advisory Group'.


This Legal Group includes members from the GIRFEC Panel and various legal organisations from the public and third sectors:

  • Maureen Falconer, Information Commissioner's Office
  • Norma Shippin, Central Legal Office, NHS National Services Scotland)
  • Peter Hessett, Society of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators in Scotland
  • Dr Kenny Meechan, Head of Information Governance Glasgow City Council Corporate and Property Law and member of the Law Society of Scotland's Privacy Law Committee

Guest members

  • Alison Reid, Principal Solicitor and Chief Executive of CLAN Childlaw