Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC): policy statement

Provides an overview of the policy and legislative context for GIRFEC. It gives an outline of the core components of the policy, including refreshed values and principles, and ambitions for how we can do more in practice.

2. Overview of key changes

The refreshed Policy Statement contains a number of key changes throughout the document:

  • Use of the phrase children and young people;
  • A change in tone, using positive language, building from the impact of GIRFEC in Scotland;
  • An emphasis on working together;
  • Further clarity in order to provide confidence for practitioners in delivering GIRFEC through a policy, legislative and practice context;
  • A focus on children’s rights as an underpinning principle of GIRFEC, ensuring policy and practice protects, respects and fulfils the rights of all children and young people;
  • Alignment to key policy areas, for example: The Promise and a continued commitment to eradicate child poverty;
  • Highlighting that all children and young people may benefit from the GIRFEC approach;
  • An uplifting, visionary statement in relation to Achieving our Ambition, recognising the gaps and opportunities; and,
  • A commitment to ongoing participation of children and young people to ensure that they fully understand, and are involved in, all areas of GIRFEC.



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