Getting it right for everyone (GIRFE)

A proposed multi-agency approach to health and social care support and services from young adulthood to end of life care.


Getting it right for everyone (GIRFE) is a proposed multi-agency approach to health and social care support and services from young adulthood to end of life care. 

It will form the future practice model of all health and social care professionals and shape the design and delivery of services, ensuring that people’s needs are met. 

GIRFE is about providing a more personalised way to access help and support when it is needed.  

It will place the person at the centre of all the decision making that affects them, with a joined-up consistent approach regardless of the support needed at any stage of life.  

Strategic context 


GIRFE principles  

The GIRFE principles are currently being co-designed.  

Our current draft GIRFE principles are:   

  • I have the information that I need to make decisions about my own health and social care, and I am trusted to know what is right for me
  • the people who support me take the time to listen and understand me as a person and we consider my whole life when making decisions about my health and social care
  • I know that I can be clear about what matters to me, and I trust that my choices will be respected and understood by the people who support me
  • treating everyone with kindness, dignity and respect is the foundation of my health and social care support
  • the people involved in the conversations around my health and social care support work together with me to share information and develop a clear understanding of how to support my wellbeing

GIRFE pathfinders  

GIRFE is being co-designed by place-based pathfinders and the Scottish Government. 

GIRFE will be tested and developed in local areas with practitioners and the people the initiative is designed to benefit. This will help us understand how it will be interpreted and implemented in different contexts.  

A GIRFE Design School has been created as a support model which is helping pathfinders to come together, get ready for co-design work and engage people with lived experience on a specific policy area, problem exploration or redesign challenge. 

There are currently 8 GIRFE place-based pathfinders and 2 GIRFE partners representing 10 Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs). 

They are aligned to 5 thematic areas:    

  • people in prisons 

  • people in addiction services 

  • people registered at deep-end GP practices (those which cover the most deprived populations) 

  • families with multiple and/or complex needs; and young people in transition from GIRFEC to GIRFE 

  • older people and frailty 

GIRFE pathfinders: Edinburgh, East Ayrshire, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, North Lanarkshire, Orkney, Angus, Fife.  

GIRFE partners: South Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire. 

Timeline and next steps

December 2022 to June 2023  

Pathfinders have been working through GIRFE Design School, embedding co-design, and engaging with people with lived experience to develop journey maps.  

June 2023 – October 2023 

Pathfinders have taken part in a collaborative sense-making process with their person-centred journey maps and are now taking these insights into ideation sessions with people with lived experience. 

November 2023 – April 2024

Pathfinders will design prototypes based on those ideas and concepts. They will begin testing those prototypes. Partners will come onboard to help test those prototypes in second testing sites, ensuring that they work in different contexts and locations.

The National Toolkit will continue to be tested and developed, with tools likely to have differing timescales for implementation.  

Summer 2025  

Aim to implement GIRFE across Scotland. 

Using the GIRFE logo 

We have developed a GIRFE logo to ensure a consistent identity for GIRFE across Scotland, which can be used by pathfinders and partners on supporting information and materials related to GIRFE.

For access to the logo, please contact

Opportunities to become a GIRFE partner 

We are currently recruiting GIRFE partners. Partners will be asked to test GIRFE prototypes in their area to act as a second testing site for tools. This will help ensure GIRFE works across Scotland, in different contexts and settings. 

Please contact to find out more about the application process. 



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