Care and Wellbeing Portfolio Board


The Care and Wellbeing Portfolio is the overall strategic reform policy and delivery framework within Health and Social Care. It brings oversight and coherence to the major health and care reform programmes designed to improve population health, address health inequalities and improve health and care system sustainability.

Scotland continues to face significant population health challenges: stalling (and in some groups falling) healthy life expectancy, and widening levels of inequality, exacerbated by COVID-19. In addition, the pandemic has further increased demand on health and care services. Improving health requires improved system sustainability and, even more critically, improved outcomes in the wider factors that create health – good early years; learning, jobs; income; and supportive communities. 

The Portfolio provides an opportunity to take a systematic approach to planning and delivering care and wellbeing. Portfolio objectives focus on coherence, sustainability and improved outcomes both within health and care, and across government, with the overall goal of improving population health and reducing health inequalities.

Portfolio board

The Care and Wellbeing Portfolio Board provides oversight and strategic direction to the delivery of the Care and Wellbeing Portfolio. It will lead the initiation, mobilisation and delivery of our ambitious Portfolio of Health and Social Care reform.

Meeting minutes will be published on this page.


  • Richard Foggo, Senior Responsible Officer, Care and Wellbeing Portfolio Co-Chair, Scottish Government
  • Christine McLaughlin, Senior Responsible Officer, Care and Wellbeing Portfolio Co-Chair, Scottish Government
  • Donna Bell, Executive Sponsor Preventative and Proactive Care Programme, Scottish Government
  • John Burns, Executive Sponsor for NHS Recovery, Renewal and Transformation, Scottish Government
  • Stephen Gallagher, Portfolio Lead for Digital, Scottish Government
  • Alan Gray, Portfolio Lead for Finance, Scottish Government
  • Tim McDonnell, Executive Sponsor for Preventative and Proactive Care Programme, Scottish Government
  • Linda Pollock, Portfolio Lead for Person Centred Approach to Co-Design, Scottish Government
  • Gregor Smith, Portfolio Clinical Lead, Scottish Government
  • Mary McAllan, Covid Recovery Strategy, Scottish Government
  • Andrew Watson , Portfolio Lead for Children’s Health and Wellbeing, Scottish Government
  • Steven Lea-Ross, Portfolio Lead for Workforce, Scottish Government
  • Linda Bauld, Senior Responsible Officer for Place and Wellbeing Programme, Scottish Government
  • Robbie Pearson/Caroline Hiscox, Chair/Vice Chair of NHS Chief Executives Group
  • Julie White, Chair of the Chief Officer Group (Health and Social Care Scotland)
  • David Martin, Non-Executive Director, Scottish Government
  • Nicola Dickie, Interim Director of People Policy, COSLA
  • Eddie Fraser, Chief Executive, SOLACE
  • Aiden Grisewood, Lead Director for the Economic Transformation Strategy, Scottish Government
  • Nick Morris, Chair of NHS Chairs
  • Paul Johnston, Chief Executive, PHS
  • Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government
  • Hugh McAloon, Director of Mental Health, Scottish Government
  • Alex McMahon, Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government
  • Karen Reid, National Education Scotland (NES) representative
  • Karen Duffy, Senior Responsible Officer, Preventative and Proactive Care Programme, Scottish Government
  • Susan Webb, Directors of Public Health representative, NHS Grampian
  • Marion Bain, Clinical Lead, Place and Wellbeing Programme


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